Crypto banking, reimagined.

All-in-one tool for businesses and merchants to receive, invoice, and manage cryptocurrency payments
Accept Cryptocurrencies
Rates in USD, EUR, GBP, CNY etc. Supported coins include Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Tether, Dash and Monero.
Send Payment Requests
Create Subscriptions
Manage Clients
Track Receipts
Accept CryptocurrenciesAccept Cryptocurrencies
Coming soon
Mobile Wallet Integration
Connect your wallet app to your merchant account and receive all deposits directly on your phone
Mobile Wallet Integration
Private keys to the wallets never leave your phone, maintain complete control
Integrated Crypto Exchange
Swap crypto assets within the app at the best rates available
$10,000 per swap limit for free users
$100,000 per swap limit for premium users
Seed Backup
Simple 12 word phrase to restore your wallet and funds universally across any supported crypto wallet outside the Switch platform
BitGo Support Use your BitGo wallet as an alternative to the Switch wallet and receive all deposits directly on BitGo.
Privacy First No personal data is either required or stored, delete your account instantly with a click of a button.
Decentralized Restore your Switch wallet on another platform/service at any time. We maintain no access or custody over any users’ wallet.
KYC-free Switch is not a bank, a wallet provider, or an exchange and operates purely on the application layer with no access to your funds.